Pre-Construction Process

  • Initial Meeting

    After meeting with the prospective client and gather all data, where general terms are discussed about their needs and ideas, we take measurements of the space to remodel. We discuss about the allocated budget so we can use our expertise in determining their best choices.

  • Design

    After analyzing the client needs, we suggest appropriate materials, colours, kind of cabinets to be used if needed, kind of material for countertops (kitchen remodeling) and vanities (bathroom remodeling) if needed, floor materials and all products needed in the design. Once the customer is satisfied, we present preliminary sketches of the design to be approved.

  • Acquisitions

    As soon as we get the written agreement, we proceed to buy all materials needed, included plumbing and electrical.

Construction / Installation Process 

  • Manufacture and Install

    The Plan will go into our Proudly South African Local is Lekker factory where we will “make-to-order, once an installation date is set we will head to your home to start with the installation.

  • Finishing

    We complete all details to perfection until our customer is completely satisfied.

  • Customer Service Survey

    For us, our customers satisfaction is prime, so we are always looking for new ways to improve even further our methodology. After the work is finished, we send our satisfaction survey to the client, which will help us to reach the objective.

  • Photo Shoot

    In many cases, we want to exhibit our work. With your permission, we take pictures/video of our work to be included in our portfolio.

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